As required by the associations by-laws, the Oldsmar Youth Soccer Association, a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization, will be holding it’s Annual General Meeting on June 7 2015 at the Oldsmar Senior Center located at 127 State Street West beginning at 12:00 P.M..  All current registered families are invited (including 2014/15 Fall Recreational, 2014/15 TOPSoccer, 2015 Spring and 2014/15 Competitive Programs).  Your input is always welcomed, remember, this is your soccer club.  Hope to see you there.


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OYSA Bylaws Amendments

Every year at the Annual General Meeting, members of the Oldsmar Youth Soccer Association including parents, players of legal maturity (18 years old) Board Members and administrative staff have the opportunity to make changes, additions and deletions for the Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws.  These amendments must be submitted in writing by a set date prior to the actual AGM so they can be posted for the membership to review prior to the meeting.  This is the only time during the year that the Bylaws can be amended.  This is an important meeting where the members, not just the Board of Directors, get to vote on the future Bylaws that govern the way the club conducts its business.  If you are interested in making amendments to the current Bylaws please download the form below, complete it in its entirety and email a scanned copy back to us using the email address on the form.  Once received, we will posted at for the memberships consideration.  All properly completed amendments will be discussed and voted on at the AGM on June 7th 2015.  You do not need to be present at the AGM to have your amendment discussed and voted on but it is helpful if questions arise.  Thank you for your participation and we look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

2015 OYSA Bylaw Amendment Form

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Board of Directors Positions

The Oldsmar Youth Soccer Associations Board of Directors is made up of parents members of the club.  These volunteers are responsible to ensure that the club continues to serve the membership by following the organizational Bylaws set forth by previous Boards.  Sometimes they even change them depending on the consensus of the Board for the betterment of the club, players and families.  All Board of Directors positions are 1 year in duration.  At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) each Board Member must be reconfirmed by the membership in attendance.  If someone wishes to become part of the Board they can simply attend the meeting and advise the current Board President that they wish to run for a seat, whether the seat is open or occupied.  The membership in attendance would then cast their vote and the results recorded. 

In order to be elected to and serve on the OYSA Board of Directors,
a member must meet the following qualifications;

  1. Must be a parent or legal guardian of an FYSA registered player entered to an OYSA In-House Recreational, Travel Recreational or Competitive team.  This provision may be waived by a unanimous vote of the BOD for special circumstances.
  2. * For the position of President, must demonstrate a minimum of twelve (12) months service as a voting member on the board of a FYSA or USYSA affiliate, which includes OYSA.
  3. Must be in good standing with OYSA, owing no balances on fees and or suspensions.

Below are the positions and their descriptions that are available on the OYSA Board of Directors for consideration;

President *
  1. Preside over all meetings of the BOD.
  2. Ensure the appointment of Committee Chairpersons sufficient to fulfill the needs of the organization.
  3. Serve as Chairperson of the Discipline and Review Committee.
Chief Financial Officer 
  1. Maintain records and receipts on all funds received, obligated and expended or held in checking, trust or savings deposit.
  2. Report on the financial status of OYSA
  3. Compile an annual proposed budget for presentation at the AGM
  4. Submit financial procedures and recommended polices in accordance with the bylaws and rules of OYSA.
  5. Provide quarterly “actual to budget” accounting for OYSA operations.
Commissioner of Recreational 
  1. Serves as OYSA liaison with GYSA or determined league for recreational play, maintaining mutual goals relative to both organizations.
  2. Represents OYSA at all GYSA meetings.
  3. Coordinates and oversees the Fall and Spring Recreational soccer programs.
  4. Assign team coaches prior to the recreational draft and beginning of season.
  5. Assign and direct age group coordinators for each age group.
  6. Coordinates practice and game schedules with the General Manager.
  1. Create and maintain the agenda and minutes of all BOD meetings.
  2. Obtain meeting space required for monthly meetings and AGM.
Concession Stand Coordinator

1. Oversee ordering supplies for the concession stand.

2. Oversee cleaning and upkeep of concession stand equipment.

3. Keep sales records and create sales reports in cooperation with CFO.

4. Coordinate assigned volunteer staff during events.

Sponsorship / Fundraising Coordinator

1. Maintain a list of all donors/sponsors with their donations for future use.

2. Work closely with the BOD to create a sponsorship/fundraising plan for local businesses, individual donors and local/regional corporations.

3. Implement the sponsorship plan to collect all possible donations.

Volunteer Coordinator

1. Responsible for obtaining volunteers

                      a. Competitive and Recreation registration events

                      b. Concession Stand staffing

                      c. Field set up and take down

                      d. Fundraising events

2. Responsible for processing background checks through GotSoccer for volunteers

3. All volunteer needs for club events     

Director At Large 
  1. Actively participate in all events held on behalf of the Oldsmar Youth Soccer Association inclusive of the Oldsmar Soccer Club.
  2. Assist the President, other Directors At Large, administrative staff and the like in the implementation of Board approved initiatives.


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