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Spring Fling Coaches Needed

With the large turnout for the Spring Fling Program this year we find ourselves in need of more parent coaches! If you're interested in being a part of the action and wouldn't mind getting your child's soccer fees waived than please take a second and register to coach at link below! No experience required. We'll tell you all you need to know.

Request to Coach Form

2015 Spring Fling
On-line Registration Open
2014 Recreational Game Schedule
2015 GYSA Cup

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Under 16 Boys (GYSA Cup) Under 19 Boys (GYSA Cup)
Attention All Rec Coaches
...and "want-to-be" coaches


As we get ready for the 2015 Spring Fling Soccer Program we would like to invite you to become part of the action! We are looking for parents that are energetic, fun-loving and willing to donate their time to a great cause. No previous experience required. We will help you learn the ropes and support you through the entire season.  Come be a part of the Oldsmar Soccer Club.  Questions?  Contact John Linse at jlinse@oldsmarsoccer.com.



Sports Parenting: How To Win, Even If The Team Loses
Taken from the pages of US Youth Soccer

Why do 35 million U.S. children participate in organized youth sports each year? To start, sports give boys and girls an array of exciting "firsts"—the first game, the first big score and the first team victory. For every first win, however, there is also a child’s first big loss and the question that follows: How can I guide my child through the disappointment of defeat?


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