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Entry Level Course October 7,8 & 9 2016

OSC will be offering an Entry Level courses for those that wish to become USSF Certified Referees. Due to problems with the FSR website, they are allowing participants to register in person on Friday 10/7.  Payment must be either check or money order.  No cash, no credit cards.

Location Oldsmar Fire Station
225 Pine Ave. North 
Oldsmar, FL 34677
Cost is $130. 
October 7th, 6PM-9PM
October 8th, 10AM-4PM
October 9th, 1PM-2PM
Advice to Parents of New Referees
US Soccer
OSC Unveils New "Abuse Free Zone" Banners

"Youth Soccer Club Takes A Stand"

The Oldsmar Youth Soccer Association, also known as the Oldsmar Soccer Club, located in Oldsmar , Florida just north of Tampa, will be leading the way in the State of Florida this coming 2012/13 youth soccer season when it comes to making sure all attendees and participants understand, "enough is enough",

USSF Referee Modules
Laws of the Game via BrainShark


The Field of Play


The Ball


The Number of Players


The Players’ Equipment



The Referee


The Assistant Referees


The Duration of the Match


The Start & Re-Start of Play



The Ball In & Out of Play


The Methode of Scoring




Fouls & Misconducts



Free Kicks


The Penalty Kick


The Thrown In


The GoalKick



The Corner Kick

 Advice to New Referees (Videos) Procedures (Videos)

FIFA Laws of the Game


Kicks From The Mark - A Check List for Penalty Kicks
A Memo from Jozsef A. Michna, SRA / SYRA

In many parts of the State, tournaments are starting to occur and often their rules include requirements for breaking ties.  However, information about the mechanics and procedures involved in taking kicks from the penalty mark to break a tie is spread across several sources:

Want A Job?
Oldsmar Soccer Assignor
Dave Peterson
 Phone: (727) 787 7505




Are you a certified referee and want to work local matches?  Great!  Just let our assignor know by clicking the Referee Request to Work Form link below and complete the form.  Your request will be sent directly to Dave Peterson and he will contact you with details.  Thanks for using

Revised FYSA Water Break Policy
To view the new revision to Rule 402.4, click here!
The Offside Rule
A must see...

Don’t take it personally, the offside rule can be confusing to the novice soccer spectator and even a novice referee.  We have just the answer.  Click on the link below and watch the video and it should clear it all up (if it doesn’t... watch it again!).

Before you scream at a ref ...
By Donna Olmstead, for Soccer America

Sometimes as I slouch down in my lawn chair watching my grandchildren’s soccer games, I indulge in wishful thinking. Only skillful, focused players on the field. Only knowledgeable, supportive parents on the sidelines. Only coaches who remember the bottom line is character development and not just winning games. Only top-notch officials running the lines and the field. Never going to happen. Like I said - wishful thinking.


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