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So you have to work a bunch of volunteer hours but you don't know what to do to get signed up? It's pretty simple, just click on the button below, scroll through the list of dates and opportunities, select one, two, three, whatever you need and show up on the dates you've selected... See, simple!

Still confused and need some direction, no worries, contact our Volunteer Coordinator at info@oldsmarsoccer.com  and we will get you set up.


Current OSC Volunteer Policy

Together with registration fees, families are asked to pay a refundable fee of $100 (Competitive) or $50 (Recreational) per player.  The entire volunteer fee can be earned back by completing a minimum of 5 volunteer hours per player.

Volunteer credits don’t carry over from prior season

Volunteers must complete their entire obligation to receive a refund

Recreational Spring soccer players do not complete volunteer hours

Volunteer hours must be completed by an adult family member, relative, or friend of the player.  In some instances the player may be able to complete some of the volunteer time with approval of Volunteer Coordinator, President, or General Manager.

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